Friday, June 10, 2011

Don't be a Bully

A world Peace Forum would not be complete without a message about anti-bullying. This has become a big problem in schools and workplaces and affects people of all ages. When it happens among children it is especially harmful because our young people are forming traits and habits that they may carry with them for life. Whether it is the bully who learns to get what he/she wants by bullying others or it is the victim who learns that the world is evil and grows up with hatred in her/his heart, harm is done and a perverted sense of worth is carried into adulthood.
One of my heroes in life is a young lady from St Thomas who has devoted her life to stamping out bullying and instilling a sense of self worth into the children of this generation. She takes her message to the schools and anywhere else she is invited to go. Mixing the positive message with hip hop music gets the kids’ attention. If you haven’t guessed yet I am talking about Saidat. Just click on her name to go to her site and learn more.

If you’re on facebook, go to One Million Fans for Saidat register there then click the link to her face book page and click the like button to become a fan.

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