Friday, July 29, 2011

O God! Refresh and gladden my spirit.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are You In Need of Divine Assistance?

I was one who thought that I needed to look after material needs first. I was thinking that once I had my business up and running, I would have time for teaching and Baha'i Activities. Was I in need of divine assistance? That is for sure. Then, after reading the following passage I realized I had it all backwards.
Abdu’l-Bahá says: "it is impossible that the friends of God could receive assistance unless they be engaged in delivering the Message." I definitely needed divine assistance so I definitely need to be engaged in delivering the Message. When I accomplish this, my life will fall back into place.

It is known and clear that today the unseen divine assistance encompasseth those who deliver the Message. And if the work of delivering the Message be neglected, the assistance shall be entirely cut off, for it is impossible that the friends of God could receive assistance unless they be engaged in delivering the Message. Under all conditions the Message must be delivered, but with wisdom. If it be not possible openly, it must be done quietly. The friends should be engaged in educating the souls and should become instruments in aiding the world of humanity to acquire spiritual joy and fragrance. For example: If every one of the friends (believers) were to establish relations of friendship and right dealings with one of the negligent souls, associate and live with him with perfect kindliness, and meanwhile through good conduct and moral behavior lead him to divine instruction, to heavenly advice and teachings, surely he would gradually arouse that negligent person and would change his ignorance into knowledge.
Souls are liable to estrangement. Such methods should be adopted that the estrangement should be first removed, then the Word will have effect.
If one of the believers be kind to one of the negligent ones and with perfect love should gradually make him understand the reality of the Cause of God in such a way that the latter should know in what manner the Religion of God hath been founded and what its object is, doubtless he will become changed; excepting abnormal souls who are reduced to the state of ashes and whose hearts are like stones, yea, even harder.
If by this method every one of the friends of God were to try to lead one soul to the right path, the number of the believers would be doubled every year. But this should be carried out with perfect wisdom and in such a manner that no harm would ever result therefrom.
    (Abdu’l-Bahá, Tablets of Abdu’l-Bahá v2, p. 390 - 392)

By leading one soul to the right path, we will double our numbers every year. If you were like me and thought that you didn’t have the time to do this, then think if you want divine assistance in your life. It is difficult for me to leave my store to go to meetings on a Saturday, but today I will be closing for a few hours to attend the reflection meeting. I hope to see you there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Discussion on peace continues.

We gather at DR Discount & Wholesale, 639 Nelson St. London, Ontario Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM (store will be closed for the day) for a discussion on peace. If you would like to join us, call 519-850-6651 or email for more information. If you have ideas on how we can live peaceably with our fellow word citizens you are welcome to come and share. If you have run into challenges in your struggle to remain at peace you are welcome to share that as well. Perhaps others have had similar experiences and can help to find solutions.
This is strictly a sharing forum. No one has the answers, but together we can learn from each other. World peace begins with individuals like you and me. We must be at peace with ourselves and those we come into contact with if we want to see a peaceful world. We want to avoid all prejudice of every sort, whether racial, patriotic, economic or religious, so all are welcome regardless of where one stands.