Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Pathway to Peace.

The Pathway to Peace.
Learning to get along.
Many are convinced that wars and aggression are an intrinsic part of humanity. In our children we see such traits as flaws that must be corrected. When Johnny hits Suzie we tell him he needs to be nice to his sister and that hitting her is bad, but when our country wants to hit another country we feel it is our patriotic duty to aid in the battle. In this sense I use we as the collective conscience of the nation, but there are many exceptions, myself included.
I grew up in the 70’s when protest against war was prevalent and the most common slogan was, “Make love, not war.” Now I try to avoid the sexual connotations of that quote, but I still believe that peace is better than war and I believe that most people want peace. Unfortunately many buy into the propaganda that the way to peace is through destroying our enemies. If that is true we should have encouraged Johnny to kill Suzie so he could be done with her irritations and have peace. When it is our children we insist that they learn to get along with each other. Why can’t we do the same thing with our nations?

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