Monday, September 26, 2016

FInding Myself

Last Tuesday I completed a 217 km Bike ride that brought me from London, Ontario, through Stratford, Listowell and Fergus, to Guelph. I have been spending time with my father, mother and sister and helping my dad fix bicycles.

Although one purpose of the trip was to promote my recent book, "THE ALTERNATIVE," it was a journey of self discovery. It seems strange to spend almost a week on a bike in order to fine myself, but I have been making interesting discoveries. Visiting old friends along the way has helped as I find some things I craved where not necessary and more reasonable substitutes could be just as satisfying.

I left Stratford before 7 am on a Sunday Morning and took sparsely traveled roads to Listowell. I enjoyed the quiet and solitude very much after two days of spending time with noisy friends. It had been a great joy to see old friends, but parting was necessary and the quiet welcoming.