Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sowing Peace fourth event and encounter with rope walkers.

Another Successful event last night.  Five of us gathered and two more came later. The topic, “is religion the cause or cure of the World’s Ailments” was discussed and the conclusion was that it is the cure. This is not surprising because all who attended are Baha’is, but we also talked about why some may think of religion as a cause of the world’s ailments.
Rope Walkers:
When we finished I saw a couple of young men walking on what appeared to be a rope suspended between two trees. I had to go have a closer look to see how they did it. It turned out that they were using belts that are used for climbing and had a bit of a stretching component to them. They graciously told me about their efforts and that the one gentleman had just learned how to do this on that same day. Now that I had expressed interest in what they were doing, they were also curious about the meeting that was taking place in the pavilion. I explained a bit to them about the Sowing Peace Initiative and left them with cards. They said that they would definitely check out my web site and my blog.
I will take this opportunity to express my thanks to you two fine gentlemen for taking an interest in my initiative. Feel free to leave a comment. If you use anonymous you don’t have to be logged in to any system. I also applaud you in your efforts. It is good to see young people involved in physical activities instead of sitting behind a computer playing games all day. If you want to participate in any future Sowing Peace events, they will be listed on when plans are made. We could also have you demonstrate your rope walking to our other participants. Email me at if you are interested.

Friday, August 17, 2012

War! What is it Good For!

War! What is it Good For!
Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s I was greatly influenced by the anti-war movement. Much of the music of that era was in protest of war and promoting love and peace. I was left with the perception that war is bad and peace is good. Assuming most people would be the same I felt that most people, if given the choice, would choose peace.
Recently, having talked with someone who grew up at a different time and on a different continent, I was informed that she felt most people were against peace and wanted war. She felt that those who want peace were in the minority while most would kill anyone that didn’t share their belief system if they were given the chance.
No doubt, religious, patriotic and racial bigotry is the cause of most of the strife we suffer, but my mind wants to know why. If it is the goal of the religionist to eliminate anyone that doesn’t follow his persuasion, then what will he do if this is accomplished. If war is the established standard, then that group would be forced to divide into separate factions that could then declare war against each other, so we see that the way of war will never end in this way.
My question is, “Why?” Why does one group feel they must destroy all others? Perhaps it is out of fear. If group one fears that group two wants them dead, they will want to kill before they are killed. Now that it is established that group one wants to kill group two, group two is now justified in its attacks against its enemy in order to preserve its own members. If either group took the time to analyse or question why its enemy was against it, both could see that it was only fear of a perceived danger that really didn’t exist. Once they take the time to get to know each other, they find their goals are similar and really they only want to be allowed to live a peaceful and rewarding life and have a secure environment in which to raise their children. Now, instead of being enemies, they can be friends. Instead of trying to kill each other they can help each other survive. Instead of living with a feeling of distrust for each other, they can earn each other’s trust and learn to trust each other.
This is why my main concentration is on helping people to get to know each other. Once we know each other’s desires and needs, we will learn to turn hatred into love. We will learn to turn the other cheek. We will give our coat also if they ask for our cloak. And they would do the same for us if we were the ones in need.
My friend tells me that, although she has no desire to kill me, her religion dictates that this is what she should do. I reply that if one of us must die, then she must kill me because I could never kill her. If you feel I must die, then by all means go ahead and kill me; and then go on killing until you are the only one left on earth because, as long as there is still two your job is not done.
Alternatively we can find reasons to love and support each other and live happy peaceful lives supporting and caring for each other. We can discover that we both love the same creator although we may know Him by different names. We may find that we both follow the same religion although we wear different labels and see it from different perspectives. Although our knowledge of it is different we will realize that we both accept the same Truth and we will learn from each other and have a greater understanding of that Truth by acknowledging each others point of view.
100 years ago today one who was known as ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, (the servant of Glory) gave several talks at Green Acre in Main USA. Personally I view Him as the Greatest Peace Ambassador that ever existed. His talks are beautiful and to the point and He brings true meaning to light. I will quote one of those talks here.
17 August 1912, Talk at Green Acre, Eliot, Maine
Notes by Edna McKinney
The oneness of the world of humanity

Are you all well and happy? This is a delightful spot; the scenery is beautiful, and an atmosphere of spirituality haloes everything. In the future, God willing, Green Acre shall become a great center, the cause of the unity of the world of humanity, the cause of uniting hearts and binding together the East and the West. This is my hope.

Tonight I wish to speak upon the oneness of the world of humanity. This is one of the important subjects of the present period. If the oneness of the human world were established, all the differences which separate mankind would be eradicated. Strife and warfare would cease, and the world of humanity would find repose. Universal peace would be promoted, and the East and West would be conjoined in a strong bond. All men would be sheltered beneath one tabernacle. Native lands would become one; races and religions would be unified. The people of the world would live together in harmony, and their well-being would be assured.

From the beginning of human history down to the present time the various religions of the world have anathematized and accused each other of falsity. Each religion has considered the others bereft of the face of God, deprived of His mercy and in the direct line of divine wrath. Therefore, they have shunned each other most rigidly, exercising mutual animosity and rancor. Consider the record of religious warfare, the battles between nations, the bloodshed and destruction in the name of religion. One of the greatest religious wars, the Crusades, extended over a period of two hundred years. In this succession of great campaigns the western crusaders were constantly invading the Orient, bent upon recovering the Holy City from the hands of the Islamic people. Army after army raised in Europe poured its fanatical legions into the East. The kings of European nations personally led these Crusades, killing and shedding the blood of the Orientals. During this period of two hundred years the East and West were in a state of violence and commotion. Sometimes the crusaders were successful, killing, pillaging and taking captive the Muslim people; sometimes the Muslims were victorious, inflicting bloodshed, death and ruin in turn upon the invaders. So they continued for two centuries, alternately fighting with fury and relaxing from weakness, until the European religionists withdrew from the East, leaving ashes of desolation behind them and finding their own nations in a condition of turbulence and upheaval. Hundreds of thousands of human beings were killed and untold wealth wasted in this fruitless religious warfare. How many fathers mourned the loss of their sons! How many mothers and wives lamented the absence of their dear ones! Yet this was only one of the "holy" wars. Consider and reflect.

Religious wars have been many. Nine hundred thousand martyrs to the Protestant cause was the record of conflict and difference between that sect of Christians and the Catholics. Consult history and confirm this. How many languished in prisons! How merciless the treatment of captives! All in the name of religion! Consider and estimate the outcome of other wars between the people and sects of religious belief.

From the beginning of human history down to this time the world of humanity has not enjoyed a day of absolute rest and relaxation from conflict and strife. Most of the wars have been caused by religious prejudice, fanaticism and sectarian hatred. Religionists have anathematized religionists, each considering the other as deprived of the mercy of God, abiding in gross darkness and the children of Satan. For example, the Christians and Muslims considered the Jews satanic and the enemies of God. Therefore, they cursed and persecuted them. Great numbers of Jews were killed, their houses burned and pillaged, their children carried into captivity. The Jews in turn regarded the Christians as infidels and the Muslims as enemies and destroyers of the law of Moses. Therefore, they call down vengeance upon them and curse them even to this day.

Consider what injuries, ordeals and calamities have been inflicted upon mankind since the beginning of history. Every city, country, nation and people has been subjected to the destruction and havoc of war. Each one of the divine religions considers itself as belonging to a goodly and blessed tree, the tree of the Merciful, and all other religious systems as belonging to a tree of evil, the tree of Satan. For this reason they heap execration and abuse upon each other. This is clearly apparent in books of historical record and prevailed until the time of the appearance of Bahá'u'lláh.

When the light of Bahá'u'lláh dawned from the East, He proclaimed the promise of the oneness of humanity. He addressed all mankind, saying, "Ye are all the fruits of one tree. There are not two trees: one a tree of divine mercy, the other the tree of Satan." Again He said, "Ye are all the fruits of one tree, the leaves of one branch." This was His announcement; this was His promise of the oneness of the world of humanity. Anathema and execration were utterly abrogated. He said, "It is not becoming in man to curse another; it is not befitting that man should attribute darkness to another; it is not meet that one human being should consider another human being as bad; nay, rather, all mankind are the servants of one God; God is the Father of all; there is not a single exception to that law. There are no people of Satan; all belong to the Merciful. There is no darkness; all is light. All are the servants of God, and man must love humanity from his heart. He must, verily, behold humanity as submerged in the divine mercy."

Bahá'u'lláh has made no exception to this rule. He said that among mankind there may be those who are ignorant; they must be trained. Some are sick; they must be treated. Some are immature; they must be helped to attain maturity. In other respects humanity is submerged in the ocean of divine mercy. God is the Father of all. He educates, provides for and loves all; for they are His servants and His creation. Surely the Creator loves His creatures. It would be impossible to find an artist who does not love his own production. Have you ever seen a man who did not love his own actions? Even though they be bad actions, he loves them. How ignorant, therefore, the thought that God, Who created man, educated and nurtured him, surrounded him with all blessings, made the sun and all phenomenal existence for his benefit, bestowed upon him tenderness and kindness and then did not love him. This is palpable ignorance, for no matter to what religion a man belongs, even though he be an atheist or materialist, nevertheless, God nurtures him, bestows His kindness and sheds upon him His light. How then can we believe God is wrathful and unloving? How can we even imagine this, when as a matter of fact we are witnesses of the tenderness and mercy of God upon every hand? All about us we behold manifestations of the love of God. If, therefore, God be loving, what should we do? We have nothing else to do but to emulate Him. Just as God loves all and is kind to all, so must we really love and be kind to everybody. We must consider none bad, none worthy of detestation, no one as an enemy. We must love all; nay, we must consider everyone as related to us, for all are the servants of one God. All are under the instructions of one Educator. We must strive day and night that love and amity may increase, that this bond of unity may be strengthened, that joy and happiness may more and more prevail, that in unity and solidarity all mankind may gather beneath the shadow of God, that people may turn to God for their sustenance, finding in Him the life that is everlasting. Thus may they be confirmed in the Kingdom of God and live forever through His grace and bounty.

Bahá'u'lláh has clearly said in His Tablets that if you have an enemy, consider him not as an enemy. Do not simply be long-suffering; nay, rather, love him. Your treatment of him should be that which is becoming to lovers. Do not even say that he is your enemy. Do not see any enemies. Though he be your murderer, see no enemy. Look upon him with the eye of friendship. Be mindful that you do not consider him as an enemy and simply tolerate him, for that is but stratagem and hypocrisy. To consider a man your enemy and love him is hypocrisy. This is not becoming of any soul. You must behold him as a friend. You must treat him well. This is right.  

We return to the subject. When we observe the phenomena of the universe, we realize that the axis around which life revolves is love, while the axis around which death and destruction revolve is animosity and hatred. Let us view the mineral kingdom. Here we see that if attraction did not exist between the atoms, the composite substance of matter would not be possible. Every existent phenomenon is composed of elements and cellular particles. This is scientifically true and correct. If attraction did not exist between the elements and among the cellular particles, the composition of that phenomenon would never have been possible. For instance, the stone is an existent phenomenon, a composition of elements. A bond of attraction has brought them together, and through this cohesion of ingredients this petrous object has been formed. This stone is the lowest degree of phenomena, but nevertheless within it a power of attraction is manifest without which the stone could not exist. This power of attraction in the mineral world is love, the only expression of love the stone can manifest.

Look now upon the next highest stage of life, the vegetable kingdom. Here we see that the plant is the result of cohesion among various elements, just as the mineral is in its kingdom; but, furthermore, the plant has the power of absorption from the earth. This is a higher degree of attraction which differentiates the plant from the mineral. In the kingdom of the vegetable this is an expression of love, the highest capacity of expression the vegetable possesses. By this power of attraction, or augmentation, the plant grows day by day. Therefore, in this kingdom, also, love is the cause of life. If repulsion existed among the elements instead of attraction, the result would be disintegration, destruction and nonexistence. Because cohesion exists among the elements and cellular attraction is manifest, the plant appears. When this attraction is dispelled and the ingredients separate, the plant ceases to exist.

Then we come to the animal world, which is still higher in degree than the vegetable kingdom. In it the power of love makes itself still more manifest. The light of love is more resplendent in the animal kingdom because the power of attraction whereby elements cohere and cellular atoms commingle now reveals itself in certain emotions and sensibilities which produce instinctive fellowship and association. The animals are imbued with kindness and affinity which manifests itself among those of the same species.

Finally, we reach the kingdom of man. Here we find that all the degrees of the mineral, vegetable and animal expressions of love are present plus unmistakable attractions of consciousness. That is to say, man is the possessor of a degree of attraction which is conscious and spiritual. Here is an immeasurable advance. In the human kingdom spiritual susceptibilities come into view, love exercises its superlative degree, and this is the cause of human life.

The proof is clear that in all degrees and kingdoms unity and agreement, love and fellowship are the cause of life, whereas dissension, animosity and separation are ever conducive to death. Therefore, we must strive with life and soul in order that day by day unity and agreement may be increased among mankind and that love and affinity may become more resplendently glorious and manifest. In the animal kingdom you will observe that domestic species live together in the utmost fellowship. See how sociable and friendly sheep gather together in a flock. Look at the doves and other domestic birds. There is no partisanship among them, no separation due to notions of patriotism. They live together in the utmost love and unity, flying, feeding, associating. Ferocious animals -- beasts of prey such as the wolf, bear, tiger and hyena -- are never amicable and do not associate together. They attack one another. Whenever they meet, they fight. Three wolves are never seen associating happily. If you see them together, it is with some ferocious intent. They are like selfish, brutal men who are inimical, cursing and killing each other. Better that man should resemble the domestic animals than the ferocious beasts of prey, for in the estimation of God love is acceptable, whereas hatred and animosity are rejected. Why should we act contrary to the good pleasure of God? Why should we be as ferocious animals, constantly shedding blood, pillaging and destroying? Because we belong to one race or family of humankind, why should we consider all others bad and inferior, deserving of death, pillage and invasion -- people of darkness, worthy of hatred and detestation by God? Why does man show forth such attitude and actions toward his fellowman? We see that God is kind to all. Just as He loves us, He loves all others; just as He provides for us, He provides for the rest. He nurtures and trains all with equal solicitude.

God is great! God is kind! He does not behold human shortcomings; He does not regard human weaknesses. Man is a creature of His mercy, and to His mercy He summons all. Why then should we despise or detest His creatures because this one is a Jew, another a Buddhist or Zoroastrian and so on? This is ignorance, for the oneness of humanity as servants of God is an assured and certain fact.

Bahá'u'lláh has proclaimed the promise of the oneness of humanity. Therefore, we must exercise the utmost love toward each other. We must be loving to all the people of the world. We must not consider any people the people of Satan, but know and recognize all as the servants of the one God. At most it is this: Some do not know; they must be guided and trained. They must be taught to love their fellow creatures and be encouraged in the acquisition of virtues. Some are ignorant; they must be informed. Some are as children, undeveloped; they must be helped to reach maturity. Some are ailing, their moral condition is unhealthy; they must be treated until their morals are purified. But the sick man is not to be hated because he is sick, the child must not be shunned because he is a child, the ignorant one is not to be despised because he lacks knowledge. They must all be treated, educated, trained and assisted in love. Everything must be done in order that humanity may live under the shadow of God in the utmost security, enjoying happiness in its highest degree.

               (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 264 - 270)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Message to my International Page Viewers

Stats on this blog have skyrocketed. From June 6, 2011 until the end or June 2012 the average has been about 83 page views per month. After the launch of my Sowing Peace web site, that grew to 602 page views in July of 2012 with most of those being in the last half of the month. From August 1st until now (August 9th) there has been 333 page views. Originally most page views were coming from Canada, but with this sudden rise, most views are international with Canada staying steady or maybe even a slight decline.
One thing that is constant is that no one is leaving comments. I think I have received one comment since I started the blog. The idea of this blog was to get a discussion going. I would love to hear your comments. What do you think of my input? Do you want to add input? Let me know. You can email me submissions for my consideration and if I feel it fits the theme I will add your post to my blog. If you want to be a regular contributor and I agree that your content would add to the theme of the blog, I can add you on to the account as a blogger so you can add a post at any time.
The Sowing Peace initiative, besides going cyber, has held 3 events in London, Ontario parks. A 4th one is being planned for Gibbons Park on August 29th at 6:30 pm. Anyone in the area can join us. If you want to send greetings or comments to our group, just send me an email or leave a comment on this post and I will convey it to the group when we meet. It would be great to have some international participation in the events.
Do you want to hold a Sowing Peace event in your area? By all means go ahead. I hold no monopoly on the idea of Sowing Peace into the Hearts of every Human on earth. The more widespread the idea becomes, the better it is. If you need help to get it going, you can send me an email or post a comment. The event can be announced on the blog and/or on the Sowing Peace Website. Please keep me informed at all stages, form conception through planning to completion. Send me a report or the event so I can let the world know what you have done. We are going to win world peace one heart at a time through individual grassroots efforts, not through political campaigning or lobbying governments.
From more information on the sowing Peace Initiative, visit our website at Any questions of comments, email me at, or leave a comment either on this blog or the Sowing Peace website.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Don’t Bully Yourself.

Don’t Bully yourself. Sometimes, actually many times we listen to what the bullies tell us and start using their words against ourselves. Saidat is very active in the anti-bully campaign and she has recently released a video on untube about the dangers of self-bullying. I have embedded her video on my sowing peace web site. It is on the Bully Not page.