Friday, May 29, 2015



I hate labels. Labels limit, divide, marginalize and exclude. One labels himself  “Christian” and it means he is not a Hindu, Buddhist, Jew or Muslim. One is labeled “White” and it means he is not Black, Yellow, Red or Brown. One is labeled Canadian and it means he is not French, German or Spanish.  Labels are used to categorize. This one belongs with this group and therefore is excluded from all others.

Some wear their labels proudly feeling that their group is superior to all others. They are glad to separate themselves from the less fortunate, the ungodly and the less intelligent. When their superiority is challenged, wars break out. If all challengers are killed, surely their own superiority will be maintained.

I hate labels. Labels cause hatred, violence and wars. However there is one label that I wear. Not because it divides me from others, but because it unites me with the whole world. Not because it categorizes me as a minority, but because it identifies me with the largest majority possible. It identifies me with all humanity. Not because it makes me feel superior to others but because it makes me feel I am a part that is united to all. Not because it excludes me from all other groups but because it joins me to all other groups.

I hate labels because they are viewed as exclusive, but I wear one that is inclusive. I wear it reluctantly because many see labels as exclusive, so I must explain that the label I wear excludes no one.  

The label I wear does not divide the races of humanity but sees all as members of the human race. We are all part of the garden of humanity with its many coloured and beautiful flowers.

The label I wear does not identify me with one nationality but proudly proclaims that I am a world citizen. I love my sovereignty because it includes all and my love for all can tolerate no hatred for anyone. I may not like your habits or your deeds, but you, like me, where created by One God. Although we may not be perfect we can all strive to be better.  We can learn from each other and all become the best world citizens we can be.

The label I wear does not exclude me from any religion. In fact it recognizes that all religion comes from God. Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist. Hindu or any other can join hands and strive to unite all into one fold. The day when there will be One Fold and One Shepherd has arrived and we are now being called by this healing message. The Divine Physician has arrived that can heal the world of every disorder.

Each one of us is unique. We each have characteristics that make us different from all others. These differences are not to be abhorred. They should be embraced. We are made to work together and as parts of a well tuned machine, we all have our own roles to play. The machine only works when we all work together. The orchestra only sounds great when all a playing from the same page. We are all part of the Divine Symphony that has the power of unite the world.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Becoming Divinely Inspired

Becoming Divinely Inspired

I don’t have to see someone building a house to know that the house had a builder. I don’t have to know anything about a cell phone to know that it was designed and manufactured by someone or a company employing many. I therefore did not need to see this magnificent universe set up with infinite numbers of atoms, each one its own solar system with electrons circling a nucleus in perfect balance just as the planets circle around an infinite number of stars, to know that a very Wise and All-Powerful Force must have been responsible for creating such a wonderful piece of machinery. The intricate parts from the tiniest electrons to the largest galaxies all set in perfect balance prove the existence of a Superior Intelligence. We learn in school how the kinetic energy of a moving object must be in perfect balance with the gravitational force of a larger object to stay in orbit around it. Scientist have been able to keep satellites in orbit for years by making exacting calculations, but God puts larger satellites into orbit with such exacting standards that they remain for eternity. No one knows how long the Earth has completed its annual orbit around the Sun. Evidence has shown that there has been life on Earth for millions of years before mankind inhabited this planet. Gradually we have become aware of other stars and other planets, but this tiny electron circling the nucleus of the Sun is the only home we have known. This little speck of dust is where every great civilization has developed and grown. The evolution of politics and the advancement of humanity has all taken place on this negligible planet as it whirls and spins around a medium sized star. Thus creation becomes the ultimate proof of a Creator.