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The Sowing Peace Initiative was started by one person with the goal of planting a seed of peace in every human heart. The founder feels that education is the key. When various cultures learn about each other they are less likely to hate each other. When we learn that our concerns are similar to the concerns of others we will no longer see them as a threat that needs to be eliminated.

People all over the world want a secure, peaceful environment to raise their families. When they see others as a threat to this they go to war with them to try and eliminate the threat. This means that the first group now becomes a threat to the second group and retaliation is the order of the day. If both groups could sit down and negotiate they could find that neither wants to be the aggressor, but both are defending their way of life.When they no longer see each other as a threat to a peaceful, secure life style they will be able to negotiate peaceful terms to solve their differences.

The Sowing Peace web site is at Sowing peace initiative hopes to accomplish its goals using a cyber proclamation of peace with educational tools and by beginning dialogs of peace wherever and whenever possible.

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  1. Please change the world into peace, do some efforts for peace, stand for humanity safety and rights.


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