Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's Think About Peace

It is with gratitude, honour, and thanks to George for asking me to be a guest blogger on London World Peace Forum.

When first asked to write and submit an article on our given topic, I wasn't sure what the best approach would be. I had not given "peace" much thought. Growing up it was a given factor, that someday the world would achieve this form of unity. I was facing some big questions:
  • Is the world becoming more peaceful? For who is it becoming more peaceful?
  • What things/forces are keeping us from achieving peace?
  • How do you approach peace, either at an inner or outer level or at the individual or world level?
  • What does peace look like? (and again, at what level)
  • Why do we want peace? Is peace a positive or negative force?
  • Is peace tangible or non-tangible ?
  • How do we achieve it?
  • What are the thought's of others on peace? The thoughts of past leaders and thinkers?
  • etc.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The fugitive Slave Chapel is now home. go to the find out how it got there.