Friday, July 1, 2011

Discussion on peace continues.

We gather at DR Discount & Wholesale, 639 Nelson St. London, Ontario Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM (store will be closed for the day) for a discussion on peace. If you would like to join us, call 519-850-6651 or email for more information. If you have ideas on how we can live peaceably with our fellow word citizens you are welcome to come and share. If you have run into challenges in your struggle to remain at peace you are welcome to share that as well. Perhaps others have had similar experiences and can help to find solutions.
This is strictly a sharing forum. No one has the answers, but together we can learn from each other. World peace begins with individuals like you and me. We must be at peace with ourselves and those we come into contact with if we want to see a peaceful world. We want to avoid all prejudice of every sort, whether racial, patriotic, economic or religious, so all are welcome regardless of where one stands.

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