Thursday, August 9, 2012

Message to my International Page Viewers

Stats on this blog have skyrocketed. From June 6, 2011 until the end or June 2012 the average has been about 83 page views per month. After the launch of my Sowing Peace web site, that grew to 602 page views in July of 2012 with most of those being in the last half of the month. From August 1st until now (August 9th) there has been 333 page views. Originally most page views were coming from Canada, but with this sudden rise, most views are international with Canada staying steady or maybe even a slight decline.
One thing that is constant is that no one is leaving comments. I think I have received one comment since I started the blog. The idea of this blog was to get a discussion going. I would love to hear your comments. What do you think of my input? Do you want to add input? Let me know. You can email me submissions for my consideration and if I feel it fits the theme I will add your post to my blog. If you want to be a regular contributor and I agree that your content would add to the theme of the blog, I can add you on to the account as a blogger so you can add a post at any time.
The Sowing Peace initiative, besides going cyber, has held 3 events in London, Ontario parks. A 4th one is being planned for Gibbons Park on August 29th at 6:30 pm. Anyone in the area can join us. If you want to send greetings or comments to our group, just send me an email or leave a comment on this post and I will convey it to the group when we meet. It would be great to have some international participation in the events.
Do you want to hold a Sowing Peace event in your area? By all means go ahead. I hold no monopoly on the idea of Sowing Peace into the Hearts of every Human on earth. The more widespread the idea becomes, the better it is. If you need help to get it going, you can send me an email or post a comment. The event can be announced on the blog and/or on the Sowing Peace Website. Please keep me informed at all stages, form conception through planning to completion. Send me a report or the event so I can let the world know what you have done. We are going to win world peace one heart at a time through individual grassroots efforts, not through political campaigning or lobbying governments.
From more information on the sowing Peace Initiative, visit our website at Any questions of comments, email me at, or leave a comment either on this blog or the Sowing Peace website.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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