Thursday, July 24, 2014

Apathy, The Great Destroyer

Apathy, The Great Destroyer

When an enemy comes against us, it either kills us or makes us stronger. A friend should uphold us and support us. However, the most powerful enemy is apathy. Apathy hides among our friends so we cannot destroy it without hurting our friends. When a powerful enemy comes against us and we need help to combat it, apathy among our friends helps it to destroy us. When we are lying on the ground and being kicked, our enemy may have mercy and let us live, but apathy has no mercy. When we cry out for help, apathy tries to reassure us that we just need to try a little harder and we can make it on our own. Later, when we die, apathy will say, “I had no idea that he was in trouble.” The apathetic person will not respond to danger until he himself is endangered.

Thus I find an alarming trend on my peace blog. People from countries where there is war or civil unrest visit my blog. I suppose they are looking for answers from a peaceful nation, but the peaceful nation has a greater enemy, apathy, which cannot be destroyed until we too are at war. Yes, when our way of life is threatened and we have to struggle to survive, then apathy will give way to action. If only we could react before it is too late. If only we could work to preserve our peace. Perhaps then we could spread peace to countries were peace is needed. Perhaps we could become an example of how peace can be achieved. Yet we sit around and do nothing while our friends are being lead to the slaughter and we do nothing until our turn comes. We are like a herd of cattle in the slaughter house pen. One by one our friends disappear, and when our time comes we will say. “Oh, I had no idea that I too would be killed.”

Too those who are living in countries were peace is difficult to find, my heart goes out to you and I wish there was something I could do, but you see I face a greater enemy here in Canada. If apathy could be defeated we could help you.

Although many people from all over the world read this blog I get few comments. It would give me great pleasure it the comments on this post would come fast and hard to prove I am wrong. If apathy does not have you in her clutches, click on comments below and tell me what you are doing to promote world peace. I would love to hear from you and I will greatly relieved if my fears can be proven wrong.

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