Monday, September 23, 2019

What If?

When I wrote "THE ALTERNATIVE," my question was, What if one person did something differently? Could the USA Civil War have been averted? Since that time, I have been asked to write something about American Aboriginal History, but was waiting for the right "what if" question. Today it came to me. What if the Americas had discovered Europe? Perhaps the violent nature of the Europeans had caused a delay in the development of ships. Thus, one hundred years later, the American people had a shipping industry that could reach Europe. What would their impression be of these warring Europeans? Would these ones have aided the original explorers the way the original inhabitants of this land helped the first European settlers?

When I write, I must get into the heads of my characters. If I refer to actual figures from history, I must study their character and have them react to my fictional setting in a natural way. Thus, If I am to write a fictional history where the original inhabitants of this land conquered Europe, I would need to study the nature of the participants of the story and apply my what-if scenario then predict how they would react to that.

I would also have to decide on a point of view. As we all know, actual history can look very different depending on who is telling the story. Unfortunately, the victors get to write the history books, so we have much less information from the point of view of the losing side.

Any comments will be appreciated. What do you think of the premise and how do you think it would evolve? Let me know all of your thoughts.

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